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IISR Organized training on Sugarcane Production and Management in Bihar

To revive and improve the status of sugarcane cultivation and sugar industry in the Bihar State, Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow has initiated many programmes in collaboration with sugar mills and cane & sugar industry department of Bihar. Recently one day Farmers’ Training and Awareness on “Sugarcane Production and Management in Bihar” was organized by IISR at its Regional Centre, Motipur (Muzaffarpur) on December 06, 2012 and at Hasanpur sugar mill (Samastipur) on December 07, 2012 in Bihar. The Indian Rural Association (IRA), Deoghar (Jharkhand) sponsored training for 250 farmers at Hasanpur on December 07, 2012. Dr. S. Solomon, Director and a team of Scientists comprising Dr. A.D. Pathak, Dr. T.K. Srivastava, Dr. Ramji Lal, Dr. A.K. Singh, Dr. S.N. Sushil, Dr. Radha Jain & Dr. A.K. Sah from IISR and Dr. M. Alam, Director SRI, Pusa (Samastipur) were experts to impart knowledge in innovative techniques of sugarcane cultivation. While addressing the farmers, Dr. S. Solomon, Director IISR remarked that there is urgent need to increase cane area from present 2.5 lakh to 3.5-4.0 lakh hectare and to make operational closed 16 sugar mills in order to strengthen sugarcane and rural economy in Bihar State. Dr. Solomon advised the farmers to cultivate sugarcane with scientific methods as advised by scientists and avail the facility like distribution of healthy sugarcane seed, advisory services, demonstration etc. provided by IISR Regional Centre, Motipur to enhance profit from cane cultivation. Farmers were enlightened on the various techniques of improved cane cultivation viz., improved varieties, soil management, INM, intercropping with sugarcane, wheat intercropping with sugarcane on raised beds, integrated pests and diseases management, cane cultivation machines, ratoon management, bud chip technique and integrated approach for increasing cane yield. Demonstration on sugarcane cutter planter and RBS (raised bed seeder) planter machine was also conducted for the benefit the farmers. Question-answer session on sugarcane cultivation for participating farmers and a small exhibition for visitors was also organized. In both the training about 500 farmers and 100 cane development officials from sugar mills and state government participated.