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IISR-Industry Interface on Sugarbeet organized at Sugarbeet Breeding Outpost of Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Mukteswar Campus, Nainital

IISR-Industry Interface on ‘Research and Development Initiatives for Sugarbeet in India’ was organized at the Sugarbeet Breeding Outpost of Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research at IVRI, Mukteswar Campus, Distt. Nainital on May 28-29, 2013.Over fifty participants representing Research Institutions, Agricultural Universities, sugar and seed industries of six countries as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Singapore, Belarush, Belgium and India attended the interface. The inaugural function was chaired by Dr. J.C. Bhatt, Director, VPKAS, Almora. In his chairman remark Dr. Bhatt highlighted the contribution of IISR, Lucknow in sugarcane and sugarbeet research in India and future role of sugarbeet in Indian agriculture. Loose threads in adaptation of sugarbeet be identified and efforts be made to connect the same. Shri Shvajirao Deshmukh IAS (Rtd), Director General VSI, Pune was chief guest and in his inaugural address he appreciated the sugarbeet research efforts of IISR. Sugarbeet will be required for future and we have to be ready and make it profitable to farmers. Efforts should be made to widen the sugarbeet seed production industry in India. Sugarbeet research must continue in India. Two success stories of Rana Sugars and Renuka Sugars are examples for sugarbeet cultivation in India. Areas of research, solution and time plan for sugarbeet in India may be worked out. Dr. B. Pattanaik, Director, PDFMD, Mukteswar as guest of honour remarked about association of sugarcane cultivation and foot mouth disease in cattle in Maharashtra. Dr. A.D. Pathak organizing Secretary of interface highlighted the importance of sugarbeet in Indian agriculture and IISR efforts. All issues pertaining to sugarbeet involving Scientific, professional and commercial was discussed in two sessions (Research initiatives and Industry perspectives. The wrap session was chaired by Shri Shvajirao Deshmukh IAS (Rtd), Director General VSI, Pune and co chaired by Dr. S. Solomon, Director IISR, Lucknow. The outcome of deliberations is as follows:

  • Sugarbeet will be required for future. We have to be ready for those situations and research efforts on sugarbeet in India should continue.
  • Agrotechniques for the sugarbeet cultivation as well as its adaptation in saline/alkaline areas should be worked in depth
  • Present effort of Sugarbeet Outpost of IISR at Mukteswar be continued and industry should support this activity. At least 10% of seed requirement be produced in India.
  • The awareness programme for profitability of sugarbeet be made to sugar industries and farmers. Renuka Sugars and Rana Sugars have shown the way in this context .
  • Promote sugarbeet as fodder crop till sugar industries come forward
  • Unfolding of potentials of sugarbeet for diverse end uses as jaggary, biofuels, bioplastic, molecules for pharmaceutical and bio CNG
  • IISR and VSI should go together to factories with diffusion plant and introduce sugarbeet and encourage them to develop the capability to process sugarbeet.
  • Government should promote factories to establish diffusion plant in those areas where sugarcane is less
  • Some exemption on import duties for seed and machineries for sugarbeet processing and cultivation be considered by government to promote sugarbeet in India.