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Hon’ble Minister Mr. Lakshman Senewiratne, Ministry of Sugar Industry Development, Govt. of Sri Lanka visited IISR

Hon’ble Minister Mr. Lakshman Senewiratne, Ministry of Sugar Industry Development, Govt. of Sri Lanka along with senior officials of SRI, Sri Lanka visited Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow on June 17, 2013. IISR may be instrumental in improving and increasing sugarcane and sugar yield in Sri Lanka and this will further strengthen more than 1000 years old mutual relation between Sri Lanka and India, said Hon’ble Minister while visiting IISR. Under leadership of Hon’ble Minister, a high level delegation comprising of Dr. A.P. Keerthipala, Director and Dr. A. Wijesuriya, Head, Crop Improvement, Sugarcane Research Institute, Sri Lanka is on visit to IISR for duration June 16-20, 2013. Sri Lankan delegation has to study research programmes, techonology developed by the institute and functioning of sugar industry in India.

The unparallel achievement of Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow during last 60 years impressed the authority in Govt. of Sri Lanka and they decided to ask for technical support and co-operation from IISR in order to increase sugarcane and sugar production in Sri Lanka. With this consideration high level delegation under leadership of then minister Mr. Reginold Corray visited IISR in year 2012. To continue the discussion with the authority and scientists at IISR the present delegation visiting the institute and this time they want to keep some collaborative programme in black and white so that some fruitful action may be initiated to improve sugarcane and sugar situation in Sri Lanka.

While highlighting the technological achievements of IISR during last 60 years Dr. S. Solomon, Director said that large scale adoption of institute’s technologies contributed a lot in achieving 350 million tones sugarcane and 25 million tones sugar production which made India self-sufficient in sugar front. To achieve the target of 36 million tones sugar and 600 million tones sugarcane by the year 2030 India has to produce sugarcane on an average about 100 tones per hectare with 11% sugar recovery. IISR is committed to contribute considerably in achieving this target by implementing innovative research programmes and developing low cost, high yielding sugarcane technology. The technologies developed by IISR viz., STP, ring method of planting, cane node technique, water saving irrigation technique, late planting technique, moist hot air treatment (MHAT) for healthy seed cane production, sugarcane cultivation machines, extension and training module etc. may be of great help in increasing sugarcane and sugar production in Sri Lanka and institute is ready to extent all technical help for spread of these technologies in Sri Lanka. There may be few possible areas of research like joint varietal development programme, sugarcane production management, soil health management, bio-intensive management of pest and diseases, post harvest management, design and development of sugarcane machines, crop and weather interaction, climate resilience cane agriculture, innovative training and consultancy programme where IISR and Sri Lanka may join hand together for collaborative and mutual exchange programmes.

IISR and Sri Lanka joined hands together for sugar development in Sri Lanka