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IISR organised National Conference on Women in Sugarcane Agriculture and Industry

During the three day national conference on “Women in sugarcane agriculture and industry” several issues related to farm women and schemes for their benefit through the government agencies and banking organizations were taken up. Delegates from nine states from various institutions of the country attended the conference. The Chief Guest, Professor Roop Rekha Verma, Ex VC University of Lucknow, stressed the need of farmer status for farm women. Farm women were informed about various beneficial financial schemes like agricultural gold loan, KCC, refinance, swayam sahayta samooh, UCO mahila pragati dhara, self help group policies and mahila utthan offered by government departments and national banks. Issues related to rescheduling of loan pattern and loaning facilities in drip irrigation pattern were discussed. Information related to health and hygiene for farm women was also imparted. Also farm implement and machineries develop by IISR suitable for women in sugarcane farming were discussed. Five successful farm women were felicitated for their achievements. Strategies for women upliftment dealing with lean season employment opportunities in decision making and their vital role in economy were emphasized. It was felt that that the time is ripe to move ahead from gender blind to gender sensitive policies for empowering women. The need for educating farm women on proper and safe use and storage of pesticides and the disposal of used containers was emphasized given several instances of pesticide poisoning in recent times. Innovative technologies for reducing drudgery of women laborers were discussed in detail. Sustainable sugarcane initiative in context of farm women from Odisha was also discussed. Technologies like micropropagation, tissue culture, biofertilizer production, mass-production of biocontrol agents were identified as some of the highly useful livelihood modules for women. Also interactive software for sugarcane disease management was demonstrated. The need for nutritional security through sugarcane farming was highlighted. Dr K. Nithya, Ms. Varucha Mishra, Ms. Kriti Roopendra, Dr. M. Mohanty, Dr. R Latha, Dr. A. Selvi, Dr. Rajula Shanthy, Dr A. Suganya, Dr Sajeena, Dr. Sosamma Cherian, Dr SK Shukla, Dr AK Singh, Dr. Ishwar Singh and Mr. RK Singh received awards for oral and poster presentations under various theme areas.