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International Conclave on Sugar Crops and National SugarFest-2014 organised from February 15-17, 2014

Three days International Conclave on Sugar Crops (SUGARCON) and National SugarFest from February 15-17, 2014 was organised at IISR. SUGARCON and SugarFest were inaugurated by Dr. S. K. Dutta, Deputy Director General (Crop Sciences), ICAR, New Delhi on February 15, 2014. The SUGARCON was jointly organised by Society for Sugar Rsearch and Promotion (SSRP) and Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research (IISR), Lucknow. The spectacular beginning of the SUGARCON impressed participating Foreign and Indian Delegates. Dr. S. Solomon, Director, IISR and President SSRP welcomed the Chief Guest and delegates. In inaugural address, Dr. S. K. Dutta remarked that India and Brazil jointly contribute more that 60% of the world sugarcane and sugar production. During last few decades Brazil has emerged as number one country in ethanol production and bio-energy sources. India can utilize Brazilian experiences and technology for harnessing the un-tapped bio-energy potential of sugar crops specially sugarcane. Dr. Solomon emphasised on the need to transform sugar mills into sugarcane processing complex to produce sugar, ethanol, baggase, electric-cogeneration (green energy), boi-fertilizer, bio-plastics etc. There is need to intensify research efforts for technological advancement in the areas of green energy production from sugar crops like sugarcane, sugarbeet, palm, sweet corn etc.

Professor Raffaella Rossetto from Brazil presented Brazilian Program of Ethanol Production. She highlighted that 40% energy requirement of Brazil comes from renewable sources and sugarcane contributes 19%. In 1925 first car was introduced in Brazil which runs on ethanol and gasoline. In 2012 about 80% or more cars in Brazil runs on blended petrol with 40% ethanol. Brazil is planning to introduce world’s first transgenic cane variety in 2015 to enhance cane productivity by 25% with added advantage of borers and drought tolerance. Mr Robert Quirk of Australia presented a paper on Best Management Practices for Increasing Productivity and Profitability of Sugarcane in Developing Countries. About 124 papers on different aspects of sugarcane cultivation, processing, post harvest and vale addition were presented during interactive sessions in addition to invited papers presentation by distinguished delegates.

In the International Conclave 24 foreign delegates from Brazil, China, Australia, Spain, South Africa, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Uganda and about 150 Indian delegates have participated.

To commemorate the occasion of the 62nd Foundation Day (16 February) of the Institute National SugarFest 2014 was organized on February 15-17, 2014. The event was targeted to showcase the technological advancements in sugarcane and sugar sector along with the technologies developed at the Institute. Various competitions like Fancy Dress, Run for Health, Extempore Talk, Balloon blowing for children; Treasure Hunt, Yoga, Quiz, Greeting Card Making, Essay Writing, Cane Chewing, School Band in full uniform and Kite Flying for the students; Innovative Food Recipe, Flower Arrangement, Rangoli and Mehndi competitions for working women, housewives and girls were organised in which more than 3000 children, students and ladies have participated. Cultural evening based on the fusion of classical and popular music was also arranged. The visitors enjoyed the ride of camel, horse cart and bullock cart under Agro-tourism on all three days of SugarFest.

The National SugarFest 2014 provided an excellent opportunity for dissemination of sugarcane production and processing technologies through exhibitions, business meets, topical lectures and demonstrations. More than 8,000 farmers, development workers, students, children, housewives, rural & urban citizens visited the Fest. Agricultural inputs manufactures like UPL, Dupont, Jain Irrigation, Parijat Chemicals, Finetrap, Mahindra Tractors, KRIBHCO, Rallies India and others showcased their products through exhibition stalls.