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Dr. S. Ayyappan, DG, ICAR inaugurated Expert System and Bio-control Lab in IISR

Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research (IISR), Lucknow sustaining its journey towards excellence has added one more color to its cap of accomplishment by developing a computer based expert system called CaneDES and dedicating newly developed Bio-control lab in the service to the nation. Dr. S. Ayyappan, Director General (ICAR) and Secretary (DARE), Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India inaugurated bio-control lab and CaneDES expert system on June 29, 2014 at IISR in the presence of scientists, farmers and media personnel. The CaneDES will diagnose disorder/damage caused by various insect-pests, diseases and nutrient deficiency factors in sugarcane crop. It also serves as guide for management of various biotic and abiotic stresses of sugarcane. At the occasion Dr S Solomon, Director, Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow appreciated the efforts made by team of Scientists comprising Dr.S. S. Hasan, Dr. A. K. Sah, Dr. Arun Baitha, Dr. M. R. Singh, Dr. S. K. Shukla in coming out with such a remarkable achievement and promised continued efforts for the prosperity of sugarcane farmers. At the occasion Dr. Ayyappan gave away IISR technology basket (containing literature on IISR technology and products) to the five cane growers who attended the inaugural function.

Every year farmers incur a loss of 10-20% in sugarcane production which accounts for about 35-70 million tones cane. As a result huge monitory loss to the tune of 7000-10000 crores rupees per year is incurred by cane growers of the country. CaneDES may help farmers in minimizing loss to a great extent by helping them to adopt correct control measures well in time against diagnosed disorders appeared in sugarcane crop. This will result in increased production and productivity of sugarcane which also help sugar industry in terms of increased availability of raw material i.e. sugarcane during crushing period.

Dr. Ayyappan visited PME Cell of the Institute and discussed about the number of projects, their online status as well as the technology management and commercialization issues. He appreciated the efforts of IISR in strengthening the PME cell.

Newly developed Sports complex and water harvesting structure in the IISR residential complex was also visited and inaugurated by Honorable DG, Dr. S. Ayyappan.

Dr. O. K. Sinha presented formal vote of thanks to Honorable DG, dignitaries, scientists, staff and farmers participated in the inaugural ceremony.

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