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Hands on Soil Analysis Training for Sugar Mill Personnel held

A “Hands on Soil Analysis Training for Sugar Mill Personnel” was held during 22-28 July, 2014 at Division of Crop Production, Indian institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow. Total ten participants from Loni, Hariawan, and Rupapur (Hardoi) and Ajabapur (Kheri) units of DSCL Sugars took part in the training which was sponsored by DSCL, Sugar.

Training was inaugurated on 22.07.2014 and Dr. Ram Ratan Verma, scientist soil science welcomed the Director, Head of the Division’s, Scientists, Technical staff and training participants. He briefed about the training programme & course content to be covered during the training period and introduced the participants. The session was chaired by Director, IISR, Lucknow

Dr. S. Solomon Director IISR, Lucknow during his inaugural speech emphasized that soil health has deteriorated due to continuous use of imbalanced chemical fertilizers in sugarcane production system. Now it needs immediate attention to improve soil health and sugarcane productivity by application of chemical and organic manures on the basis of soil test results.

During the training period training participants had hands on training on all the aspects regarding the soil testing viz. soil sampling procedure and processing technique, mechanical analysis of soil, bulk density, soil moisture, measurement of soil pH, EC, organic carbon, available nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, sulphur, micronutrients, soil microbial biomass carbon and soil microbial biomass nitrogen. They were also told about the interpretation of soil test values, fertilizer recommendations on the basis of soil test results and preparation of soil health cards.

Training valedictory session was chaired by director IISR, Lucknow held on 28.07.2014. During the valedictory session, feedback from the training participants regarding the training course content and resource persons was obtained. The director IISR, Lucknow distributed the training certificate to the participants. He appreciated the efforts of Dr. T. K. Srivastva head division of crop production, training course Co director and Coordinator Dr. Ram Ratan Verma and resource persons for delivering the training lecture and imparting the hands on training. He also encouraged the technical staff for their sincere contribution during the training programme. Participants expressed their contentment with the training and appreciated the facilities available at the institute for holding such training.