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Research work of IISR is commendable: Dr Balyan, Union Minister of Agriculture and Food Processing Industries

Sugarcane is the crop close to my heart. This was said by Hon’ble Union Minister of Agriculture and Food Processing Industries, Dr. Sanjeev Balyan while visiting Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow today. During his visit he reviewed the on-going research work of the institute and obtained detail information in the technologies developed by the institute. Hon'ble Minister took special interest in the cane varieties developed by IISR namely CoLk 94184, CoLk 9709 and CoLk 07201 (all are high sugar early maturing varieties) and appreciated the special features of the varieties. The adoption of wheat intercrop with sugarcane under FIRB system is need of the hour especially in western UP to enhance the profitability and productivity of wheat-sugarcane cropping system widely prevalent in the west UP, as Minister said. While visiting newly established Bio- control lab in IISR, Minister discussed with concern scientists in detail on different bio agents beneficial in management of sugarcane diseases and pests, and he stressed on wide scale popularization of techniques in order to curtail the use of pesticides. It was moment of pleasure and surprise for the minister when he got detail information about IISR sugarcane machines like paired row planter in trenches, pit digger, ratoon manager, multi purpose planter, wheat and cane simultaneous planter on raised beds etc. He emphasized on the large scale adoption of these machines to enhance cane productivity and profitability of cane growers.

During his first ever visit to IISR Hon’ble minister visited various laboratories and demonstration farm of the institute to closely observe and review the progress made by IISR in the development of various remunerative cane cultivation technologies. He appreciated the efforts of the scientist in coming out with all such technologies. During his visit to Krishi Vigyan Kendra, he emphasized for an efficient extension method to transfer cane technologies to sugarcane farmers with less time lag. He also addressed the scientists and staff of the institute in auditorium and appealed for more intensified efforts for upliftment of economic conditions of sugarcane farmers. He promised all kind of help from the ministry to the institute for cutting edge researches in sugarcane and rapid transfer of developed technologies to the farmers. He appealed scientists for concerted efforts to overcome the problem of stagnating cane yield and urged for increasing profitability of cane growers through integrated research and development efforts.