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Low Sugar recovery in western Uttar Pradesh: Weather plays the spoil sport

The sugar recovery in Uttar Pradesh during 2011-12 is showing a decline over the corresponding period of last year. In general, this year eastern U.P. is performing better in sugar recovery, central U.P. is at par and western U.P. is showing a drop around 0.5 units in recovery. Recently, a team of scientists from IISR surveyed the cane growing area of western U.P. to assess the sugarcane crop condition, maturity and incidence of any major pests and diseases which might have impacted the recovery performance in the mills. It was observed that in general the crop is good and there is no outbreak of any major pests and diseases. A look in the growing condition reflected that this year the region has received adequate rains and due to late western disturbances the relative humidity (RH) has increased substantially from an average figures of 50-60 in the normal seasons it has gone up to more than 80. It is known that high RH in the same temperature regime favours cane growth and hinders maturity. This unusual high RH in this region favoured the growth and the crop is still much greener indicating the late growth. Thus, the cane maturity is delayed in this region and in turn it impacted the recovery performance of sugar mills.
In such conditions of crop growth, chemical ripeners may be gainfully utilized to induce maturity of cane and improve recovery performance of the mills.